Monday, August 15, 2011

30 and flirty!

Sarabeth and I with Mark on his 30th birthday a few years back, I really just love this picture because of our sweet air brush shirts which I will certainly rock at every 30th party I get to attend!

I’m barely settling into this 29th year and already feel 30 knocking at my door. With the first of my friends on the brink of turning the big extravagant 3-0 I’ve been contemplating how to make this last year in my twenties noteworthy, while at the same time embracing my inevitable 30th birthday. It’s coming for me with our without my consent, and the best thing I can think to do is get on board!

It’s going to be a tough birthday, my life isn’t exactly how’d I’d pictured it being, but I’m not going to dwell on that. So, in my attempt to enthusiastically approach my birthday in June I’ve decided to do what many other 29ners and doing and comprise my own 30 by 30 list. For inspiration, and in some instances out right pirating of ideas, I’ve turned to a list one for my friends told me about from one her favorite bloggers, Lauren’s list, and the book The Happiness Project (it’s the book for book club this month, which worked out nicely!). While, these were all good resources I’m still very much open for other ideas and would love contributions.

My goals for my list are:

1.) To do things that I love doing but don’t do often enough.

2.) Try things that I’m afraid to do or envious of when I hear about other brave souls doing.

3.) Pursue things that I can happily take into my thirties!

Plan 1 trip to India to visit my mama. (so, this trip might have to happen after I actually turn 30, but my goal is to have the plan set.)

Convince 2 friends to join my on my adventure to Asia.

Visit 3 different friends in their cities (Megan, I’m coming for you!)

Find 4 different occasions to wear heels, and not specifically fancy events.

Go on 5 dates (this one is going to be tough, I scurry away from the fellas!)

Read 6 book recommendations (I want you girls to recommend your favorite books and then we can discuss themJ)

Treat 7 strangers to coffee.

Make 8 gifts for either birthdays or Christmas this year.

Cook with 9 different fruits of vegetables.

Watch at least 10 of the political debates during the election season.

Send 11 cards to my mom (that’s one each month from now until my birthday).

12 any ideas?? (this is one of my favorite numbers so I want it to be good)

Run 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles) somewhere I’ve never run a race before.

Send 14 hand made birthday cards.

Write and send 15 cards/letters just for fun!

Try 18 different recipes.

Trade in 19 pairs of unmentionables for some age appropriate undergarments (I still have underpants with penguins on them.)

Take 20 minutes a day to read a news article

Run 21 miles a week.

22-24 help!

Contribute 25 hours of community service (I need to find an organization, but this should be fun.)

26-28 this is getting difficult.

Free my photos from my computer and print at least 29 new photos from the past year.

Share a $30 bottle of wine with friends.

Okay, I feel like that is a good start. But, would absolutely love some help, pointers, or suggestions. For those of you who have 30 by 30 lists, or life long dreams in general perhaps you wouldn't mind sharing.


  1. love the list and the challenge! i am reading the happiness project right now too and it has me inspired. i dont have many ideas for you but one could be to "reconnect with (insert number) old friends"

  2. I love them! I think I'm too late to start my list :( so I'll have to live through you! You already have something for #10, but I like watch all ten movies nominated for best picture (your idea is more intellectual...). Seth said to watch the entire series of 24, if you're up for that. Buy 27 new dresses :)


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